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MSI Update on Novel Corona Virus (nCoV)


MSI Update on Novel Corona Virus (nCoV)

MSI Update on Novel Corona Virus (nCoV) - 04-Feb-2020 At MSI, we have been closely monitoring the pandemic outbreak and are fully committed to combating this deadly disease to protect our staff on board and ashore, and contribute to the community by acting responsibly.

For our offices and fleet we had taken the following actions :

• Office closure and placing staff with recent visits to China to work remotely from home during the quarantine period.
• Staff kept up to date with latest news developments.
• Ceasing non-essential travel to all afflicted areas.
• Ceasing all crew changes in China.
• Stocking and supplying sufficient surgical masks to for our shore based staff and seafarers.
• Restricting provision supplies (excluding all meat products) from China.
• Fresh Water to be treated if supplied from China.
• Hand sanitizers and contactless thermometers provided to all offices and vessels.
• Displaying posters providing information to take necessary precautionary measures to mitigate risk of contracting the nCoV virus.
• Temperature checks on external parties visiting vessels.
• Access into accommodation will be sealed off for shore stevedores, for whom masks should be donned at all times.

Our prayers are with the victims of this epidemic and we hope this this will be over soon !