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MSI Shanghai Annual Officer’s Family Day 2019

MSI Shanghai Annual Officer's Family Day 2019

MSI held its first Officer’s Seminar of 2019 from 26th to 28th March in Qingdao, China. The seminar was opened by Capt Sanjay Ramnathan, Head of MSI who had driven home the importance in how the power of observation and our attitudes drives our innate behaviour which was in line with our seminar theme.

About 45 MSI officers of various ranks were present to raise and discuss issues of particular relevance to this topic during their time on board MSI ships. In addition, various external speakers presented workshops of varied topics such as Resilience and Media Response in Crisis.

Internal speakers from MSI Group, addressed topics such as PSC and Vetting Inspections, Security, recent incidents and new legislation such as IMO DCS and EU MRV.

During the final wrap-up, Capt Meng Jun, GM of MSI Shanghai added “This seminar gives us all a sense of belonging where we the MSI family strive towards a safer work environment free from harm to people and environment” and hoped that everyone in attendance, derived the full value out of this three day event.

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