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How can I find a good ship management company to manage my ships

How Can I Find A Good Ship Management Company To Manage My Ships
How Can I Find A Good Ship Management Company To Manage My Ships

With the world’s increasing reliance on e-commerce, growing international trade, and more focus on supply chains, maritime shipping has gained a new level of importance and priority. 

For ship owners this is a massive boon in terms of increased profitability, but it comes with a few problems of its own.

Concerns for Ship Owners

First of these, is increased customer expectation. Shipping delays are some of the most common complaints by customers and persistent failures to meet deadlines can mean loss of revenue and reputation. Reputation, not only the ship owners but also that of the customer. One small accident with a huge media coverage can destroy reputations. 

Secondly, in this highly competitive environment there is a need to improve efficiency and optimise in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Finally there is also a lack of expertise. While independent ship owners may have their own operating capabilities, other investors may own a portfolio of ships and might need to delegate responsibilities to international ship management companies. Furthermore, in a rapidly changing world, even independent ship owners might find it difficult to keep up with the many innovations in the industry.

Ship management services located in maritime centres like Singapore, can help with all these issues and provide even greater benefits beyond solving them.

Reliable and Trustworthy International Shipping Management

Increased customer expectation

Shipping parcels from one location to another via sea is an extremely complex operation. From making sure the vessel complies with Flag State regulations and international codes, to hiring a trained crew, and handling paperwork, there’s a lot of moving parts involved.

Ship owners who aren’t equipped to properly handle these requirements run the risk of delayed shipments. This can have an acute short-term impact on their quarterly profits and a severe long-term impact on their reputation. With so many options for retailers, one bad shipment could mean a customer leaving your business for a competitor.

Reliable and trustworthy international ship management companies can help mitigate such issues. By leaving parts, or all aspects, or your operation to them, you can rest assured that your reputation and reliability is in expert hands.

Improving Efficiency and Optimisation

Ship management companies also have a wealth of data at their disposal. By using this data and pairing it with the latest ship management software, they can find ways to make your business more efficient to reduce costs and improve profitability. 
Business owners can also tap on the economies of scale provided by international ship management services. Trained crews come from a larger pool and human resource management is much simpler. Technical management is also sorted out much more quickly and efficiently, allowing business owners to focus on expanding and growing their own companies.

Ship Management to Handle All Aspects of Shipping

Providing Expertise

Private investors and banks represent a significant portion of ship owners globally. Although they have the financial means to own an individual ship, or even a fleet, they may not have the necessary expertise to manage them.

That’s where ship management companies come in. Equipped to handle all aspects of shipping, they can take control of all the day-to-day management and provide a reliable, consistent, time and money saving service.

Beyond solving issues, businesses can also directly benefit from utilising ship management services. Delegating management out often leads to reduced overheads overall due to a smaller number of in-house staff and ship management companies with a large fleet under their supervision can also negotiate better contracts for maintenance, repair and insurance.

In general, even with the cost involved in engaging ship management companies in Singapore, businesses can expect to save money in both the short and long term by engaging their services. 

They are also able to focus on more important and profitable aspects of their business, compete with bigger fleets, and stay ahead of the curve with industry experts guiding the way.

Want to find out more on how your business can benefit from ship management services? Contact us today to get in touch with us with your questions.

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Mindfulness and Its Benefits


Mindfulness and Its Benefits


Mindfulness. You may have noticed the proliferation of this word in the media through social media and magazines. In recent times, especially as a response to increased work from home arrangements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations are exhorting their employees to practice this to prevent burnout.

In the maritime industry, where restriction of crew movements has placed considerable strain on the mental well-being of seafarers, there is a growing consensus that practicing mindfulness may benefit an often-overlooked aspect of mental welling of crew and contribute to positive stimuli and better mental health for crew onboard for sustained periods of time.

Yet this term may seem ambiguous to many. What exactly does this word entail? Is it prayer, or simply meditation? According to the Mayo Clinic, it is defined as a type of meditation in where the individual practicing it may experience intense focus and awareness of his or her emotions. This involves sensory involvement such as touch and smell and feeling. This removes the thought process, in that the individual removes all judgement and analysis in his or her current state. Mindfulness in its form includes breathing techniques, images and other exercises, which may be practiced in various forms.

An individual may face stress, anxiety and depression through exposure to various internal and external forces strains caused from events arising from both at work or home and interactions with day-to-day life. The personal space for which the individual may choose to reflect and investigate practicing mindfulness may be lacking in view of today’s fast paced society. Through mindfulness, it helps the individual rechannelled his energy and thought process to greater engage within the immediate environment and space. In simple words, to live for the moment.

In today fast paced society, we are focus more on worrying about future events and those which may be beyond our sphere to control or influence. Rather, practice mindfulness looks to individual to be present in the moment and cultivate discipline and positivity to focus on the present state of mind. The benefits of meditation have seen many positive benefits which can alleviate stress, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.

Source, Mindful.Org

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Singapore Maritime Community Steps Up Fight Against Covid-19


Singapore Maritime Community Steps Up Fight Against Covid-19


Since the introduction of the vaccines against Covid-19, shore-based personnel attending to our vessels at port have been required to under vaccination. These personnel are in the front line and play an essential role in contributing to the seamless movement of our supply chains.

The recent case of shore-based personnel being found to have Covid-19 in November and December of 2019, had seen the MPA move quickly to release a series of measures to mitigate the risks to their immediate family members as well as those onboard vessels with whom they may meet. The MPA introduced new requirements to ensure the safety of shore-based personnel to provide proof of negative result from Covid-19 PCR test prior to boarding vessels at anchorages, piers, marinas, terminals, wharves, and shipyards in Singapore.

MSI Ship Management have been closely monitoring the situation and is working closely with MPA. Our shore-based personnel had undergone the Swab tests as well as under the rostered routing testing (RRT). In addition, we have ensured that our staff had commence undergone the vaccinations which have been prioritized for front line maritime personnel.

The port of Singapore remains to be a strategic and critical lifeline for the Singapore economy and its people, and more importantly for the maritime community. Let us work together to ensure constant vigilance and proactive action to mitigate any risks decisively and safeguard the health and safety of our workers and family.

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Seafarer Well-Being Takes Centre Stage with Neptune Declaration

Neptune Declaration

Seafarer Well-Being Takes Centre Stage with Neptune Declaration


The maritime industry had signalled its intent towards to commit towards ensuring the safety and well-being of its greatest assets – its seafarers.

The Neptune Declaration has been signed by more than 300 organizations, a long belated move, which underlines the importance to look at the seafarers who have been affected by the Covid-19 travel restrictions which resulted in extended tenure at sea due to restrictions in travel. While the movement of goods had gone unimpeded during those times, the crew onboard those vessels who facilitate in those movement on the various ships that transverse the oceans face a daunting prospect of lack of support or recognition in their efforts to keep global supply chains open.

It is welcoming news that the wider maritime community comprising not just from ship owners and managers, but also charterers, investment houses to come together to recognize seafarers as essential workers ad that they deserve the right to be given access to vaccines, health services and greater efforts vested towards carrying out crew changes.

The key ambit of the Neptune declaration identifies the following main actions:

• Recognize seafarers as key workers and give them priority access to Covid-19 vaccines.

• Establish and implement gold standard health protocols based on existing best practice.

• Increase collaboration between ship operators and charterers to facilitate crew changes.

• Ensure air connectivity between key maritime hubs for seafarers.

The ultimate purpose of these is to ensure that seafarers are given better protection of their rights in the long term as well affirmation of responsibility by all stakeholders within the industry to safeguard their well-being.

MSI Ship Management’s strategic business partner IMC Shipping is a signatory to the Neptune Declaration. As an organization MSI Ship Management has been continuously proactively been carrying out crew changes in a safely. Our constant engagement of seafarers through various programs aims to ensure our crew member health and wellness is taken care of.